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Charity Fund

It is the general Charity Fund of the Association and shall be administered by the Charity Fund Committee consisting of the Treasurer as Chairman, the three Vice Presidents and one Member at Large elected annually at the Conference.

Its revenue shall be generated from voluntary donations, special fund raising projects, investments and gifts that may be made from time to time.

The Purpose of the Fund shall be closely related to hearing impairment but not restricted thereto and shall be defined as follows:

  1. To assist any needy person in the Province of Ontario to purchase a hearing aid and provide assistance in any other manner necessary to improve their hearing ability, providing that such assistance is not available from any other source
  2. To assist any needy person in the Province of Ontario to obtain any necessity of life which may be unobtainable from other charities
  3. The limitations per request granted shall not exceed $ 1000

The Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for administering the Charity Fund
  2. Investigate all requests for assistance from this Fund as submitted to the Committee by Ontario Elks Lodges or Ontario Royal Purple Lodges
  3. Have the discretion of granting or refusing assistance

Sponsorship of ongoing Major Projects must have the approval of the delegates at the Annual Conference. Application will be made to the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children where appropriate for assistance. (www.elks-canada.org)

The Ontario VOICE Program is the official Charity of choice of the Ontario Elks Association. The Association allows VOICE to solicit its Elks and Royal Purple Lodges for funds to support their Programs. (www.voicefordeafkids.com)

Click here for our Charity Fund Application Form

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